How to write a college research proposal


A college research proposal refers to a short and coherent summary of a research project you propose to conduct. It outlines the central issue you will address, the area of study it falls under and the current wealth of information present on a particular subject. Writing a research proposal in college presents immense challenges for most students. However, you can learn how to write a college research proposal by incorporating the following sections or visiting the writing website here.

Introduce your research proposal

A research proposal introduction is a pitch of ideas and assessment of the significance of the research problem you want to discuss. Make it informative to make the reader understand what you want to do and feel your enthusiasm for the topic. Discuss the central idea of your research proposal, enumerate the subject of study that relates to your problem and determine the methods you will use to analyze the research problem. Also, discuss why this proposal is important, its implication and why your reader should care about the outcome of your study.

Provide background information and the significance of your study

When writing a college research proposal, this section requires you to explain what your proposal will entail and its significance. Only include relevant information such as; stating the research problem, providing an in-depth explanation of the purpose of the study and answering the “so what?” question by clearly explaining why it is worth conducting this study. Also, discuss the issues and the main problems the research will cover, your planned approach to the research, and define key concepts in the proposal.

Write a literature review

A literature review synthesizes and analyzes past studies related to your research problem, with the aim of signifying that your work is original and ground-breaking. Begin by determining questions raised by previous researchers, methods utilized to carry out research and findings and recommendations established. Answer all these questions by relying only on materials relating to your topic, comparing different arguments, theories, and conclusions developed by other researchers. Additionally, enumerate the differences among different researches, and connect all the information you read to your research problem.

Discuss the research design and methodology

In this section, try to convince the reader that the research designs and methods of analyzing your research are correct and address your research problem. Include, the description of the research design you will utilize for your study and analysis of designs used by other researchers. Also, include the sample and the population your research will use, the method of data collection, data analysis and tests to ensure validity. Moreover, foresee barriers to your research design and solve them.

Give a preliminary implication of your study.

Despite you not conducting the research; it is worth mentioning the expected outcomes of your proposal. In a college research proposal, discuss how your research with improve, revise or extend the skills in this field. Think of the impact the results will have on the framework of the field of study and describe the effects the research will have on the future, policy-making and economic and social problems.

Conclude the research proposal

In two paragraphs, end the proposal by summarizing the importance of your research proposal; explain why the research problem deserves an investigation, why your research is distinctive and how it advances the existing knowledge.


A college research proposal seeks to present and justify why you should conduct a study for a research problem. Through practice, while incorporating the above sections, you can write an effective college research proposal.