Tips on Essay Writing What to Avoid

Tips on Essay Writing: What to Avoid

Essay writing is a compulsory task in college. So, students cannot avoid it as it is part of their academics. It is an essential task as it equips them with the efficient writing skills they can use in some of their future careers. Perfecting the art is a challenge for the majority. While some get to develop and grow as proficient writers, others still lag behind. This is because they do not have a passion for essay writing.

Since students cannot avoid writing their papers, they are prone to making mistakes. But they need to avoid making these mistakes when writing their articles. Avoiding these mistakes helps you to develop a good essay hence improve your essay writing skills. Our friend from essay writer service prepared some of the mistakes you need to avoid when writing your essay.

Weak thesis statements

Developing a top-notch thesis statement is fundamental in writing a good essay. A thesis statement helps build the rest of your essay. Having a weak one will make you write a boring story. The audience can easily lose interest in reading your paper. Thus, ensure you develop a strong thesis statement for your article.


Many students perceive that copying someone else’s work or some of the content is a solution to combating the essay writing challenges they encounter. However, such an act is not permitted in essay writing. Plagiarism is punishable by either a suspension or a jail term. You need to avoid it at all costs. Use the various plagiarism checker tools such as Quetext or Turnitin to check for plagiarism content in your paper.

Vague essay structure

Another mistake most students make is viewing the essay subject at a wrong angle. The majority end up making their papers broad. They do not develop a plan for their essays. They begin writing instantly. As a result, the essay structure is vague. They do not answer the assigned question.  You need to stick to your thesis statement when writing your paper. To achieve this, create an outline.

Complex phrasing

Some students believe that using complex words, phrases and sentences in their papers will help make them sound original and authentic. But, it is the opposite. Using complex phrases and vocabulary makes your paper sound too complicated. The reader(s) may fail to understand what you are trying to convey hence lose interest in your paper. Try to be as simple as you can. Also, do not write too long sentences.

Using absurd sources

Citing the reference material in an essay is a challenge for many students. They rely on information from the internet rather than that from books. Searching for information from the internet is not bad. However, you need to be cautious. Some information may not be credible and reliable hence your paper will not sound authentic.

Not proofreading

Going through an essay is a tiresome task for some students. Many forget about it as they view the writing process as being difficult. Forwarding your paper without going through it will guarantee you bad grades. Ensure you proofread your paper before delivering it. You will be able to correct the mistakes you may have made during the writing process.

In conclusion, writing an essay is an exasperating task. Though, since students cannot avoid writing their papers, they need to train themselves in perfecting the art. While writing their papers, students are bound to make mistakes. This makes their essays sound boring hence gives them bad grades. Above are some mistakes you need to avoid when writing your essay. Try hard to avoid them when writing your paper.